EERAdata Community Platform

Sharing data among energy system stakeholders is key for the low-carbon energy transition. This platform provides easy access to a wide range of energy data and offers services for implementing the Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, Re-usability data principles.

Find open energy data

Exploring interlinked data related to the low-carbon energy transition.

Make energy data FAIR

Navigating the workflow to implement the FAIR data principles using our services.

Apply FAIR data tools

Finding FAIRification tools on the EERAdata Community Platform and other sources

Share FAIR data

Selecting a suitable data licence and making your corresponding metadata open.

Learn from EERAdata Use Cases

Covering at large the low-carbon energy scientific challenges in Europe, four selected use cases serve as working examples in EERAdata.

1 – Buildings efficiency

2 – Power transmission and distribution networks

3 – Materials solutions fow low-carbon energy

4 – Low-carbon energy and energy efficiency policies