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Details for the use case session "EU policy and energy research taxonomies"

The session focuses on metadata, exploring how to link ontologies used for policy-making and those used in research domains.

Detailed agenda

1st December Use case “EU policy and energy research taxonomies”
10:00 - 11:00 Intro to the session
  • Welcome and introduction to the topic
  • Present gitmind, create logins
  • Present the 4 ontology islands
  • Share the ontology
  • Present the tasks
11:00-13:00 Time for individual work

(incl. break/Lunch time). Space for discussion as requested.

12:45 - Collecting of contributions

(e.g., gitmind maps elaborating on the 4 ontology islands)

13:00-14:00 Discuss results with everybody


The session was attended by 22 participants, who formed 4 teams exploring ontologies used for policy-making and those used in research domains. Ontologies that have been selected for analysis:

  • EERAdata ontology - covers the entire energy system for low carbon energy transition,
  • Oxford’s SRAO - contains all scientific disciplines,
  • EU Directives - includes specialized legal documents (EU level),
  • COMETS inventory - represents practical use case based on a Horizon 2020 project.

During the session, a number of internal and external links were identified for ontological islands. Selected elements of ontological islands have been extensively developed. There were many observations and conclusions. More than once, various working groups raised the same issues in the discussion, which has confirmed us as to their relevance.

As the session notes are working material for an paper developed during the workshop, we cannot include them here.

Session results

Results are included in EERAdata community paper „Advancing metadata standards for low carbon energy research”.